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Former  Pastors of Unionville, 2001-2016

Just to keep our members informed on where our former leaders are, and what they are doing. 

Rev. Dr and Mrs.Vincent Miller


Very active in the ministery, the Rev Dr. Miller can be found at Warren Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta Ga.  This Champion for Christ enjoys his work either in the pulpit or out. Never to bussy to share his time with you.

Rev. Carl Marshall


Rev. Marshall has a heart for missions. He has taught and trained pastors in Africa and Brazil. Currently married to Rev. Sharon Bowers, he is currently the pastor of New Mount Olive and New Hope United Methodist churches in Radford Virginia and continues his missions ministries through the Holston Confrence. 

Rev. and Mrs. Ron Johnson. 


Rev. Johnson was instrumental in moving the church from inside to the outside. He wants us to be able to see the Church being the Heart of the Community with the Community at Heart. 

That mission was mission accomplished.

Rev. Maggie Young.
The Rev. Maggie Young, Pastor of Barnesville Parish, (Unionville and Green Mount United Methodist Churches) came out of retirement from the Texas United Methodist Conference to be the spiritual leader. She spent four trem with the parish and enjoyed preaching and teaching. 

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